Chris Wright Photography

Abstract, Urban & Landscape

Fine Art Photography by Chris Wright – Shropshire & Andalucia

Laid up for three months with a serious knee injury, I spent my time in ┬áthe Library, leafing through old photography magazines. I didn’t know it at the time, I was only 15, but those images of the New York streets left an indelible impression.

Black and White

“I’ve always loved monochrome photography. The higher the contrast the better! This was taken handheld in Chicago in the pouring rain. I found my spot and waited for the people ot arrange themselves. I got very wet indeed…”


“I’ve travelled extensively and abstraction is a recurring theme. There are rhythms in life that don’t impose themselves in moving pictures..”




Abstraction moves away from the purely representational. Light, Shade and Patterns revealed at high magnification or from an unexpected angle.

Musings at 6am


Architecture has always been a passion, in particular the juxtoposition of old and new. Urban photography shows the impact we have made on our planet.

West Pier Brighton


Landscapes are interesting because its so hard to capture the soul of a landscape. I use all kinds of techniques to move the image away from the real.