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Fine Art Photography by Chris Wright

Chris Wright is a commercial photographer based in Granada, commissioned through Helter Skelter Studios. Chris Wright Photography focuses on Landscape Photography, Mentoring and Education.

In 2022 the intention is to build out the content in preparation for residential courses based in Andalucia covering Landscape Photography in the Alpujarras and Street Photography in Granada which will be offered in 2023.

Online courses for entry-level photographers will be available from Spring 2023. In the interim, there is a collection of Photography Guides published here that provide comprehensive information on various aspects of photography from Adobe and DxO software to shooting and editing techniques in niches such as 360° Photography, Infrared Photography and Astrophotography.

Chris Wright Photography


Photographer technologist shropshire andalucia


Light, Shade and Patterns


People, the Planet and Me

La Taha Valley


Banish the Chatter and be Still

granada in the rain
Granada in the Rain

Experiments with Artificial Intelligence

I’ve been playing around with AI, using it to generate images and to enhance existing images.

Chris Wright Photography

Featured Guides

I’m putting together some online courses and guides to add to my in-person tuition

Courses will be offered online and include Zoom calls person to person

Workshops will be offered from 2022 based in Granada, Spain

The Guides are free of charge though feel free to buy me a coffee if you like them!

Setting up a Photography Website with WordPress
Website Building

Things you need to be aware of when building a photography website with WordPress

infrared photography guide
Infrared Photography

A comprehensive guide to Infrared Photography, the equipment, the techniques and the processing.

The Ultimate 360 Photography Guide
360° Photography

A comprehensive guide to 360° Photography, hardware, software and process.

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