Chris Wright in the Picos de Europa 2023 - photo by Jill Pinkerton
Photo by Jill Pinkerton 2023

About Chris Wright

“In life, you have to leave your comfort zone sometimes.. If you don’t you’ll limit your growth and you’ll never surprise yourself because it’s only when you’re outside your comfort zone that the real magic happens”

I’m a landscape and travel photographer offering workshops and mentoring from my base in the Sierra Nevada mountains outside Granada.

My backstory – Originally from Yorkshire, Co-founder of UK based Commercial Photographers and Video makers Helter Skelter Studios & Digital Marketing Agency Helter Skelter Digital.

Holder of degrees in Photography and Computing. Survived careers in IT Consultancy and Education.

Chris Wright Photography
Overnight on Mulhacen

I write about photoshoots, projects, new techniques, hardware, software and cameras. Because it interests me, and a lot of the articles are useful to others.

Much of the photography on this website is shot in Spain where I live, a few from a lifetime of travelling.

The Tools You Need For Creative Photography

You need a camera, a couple of lenses, good imagination and the ability to work deliberately from concept to execution.

What you want is a different matter! I am a technologist. I use Canon cameras and lenses, DJI Drones and Action cameras for my videos.

Low Tide Brighton Canon G1X Manual mode
Low Tide Brighton Canon G1X Manual mode


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