From Yorkshire to Andalucia

I’m never happy with my biography, I’m 66 and I’ve done a lot of stuff. Is that ok? No, I thought not. Here it is then.

Chris Wright is the co-founder of UK based Commercial Photographers and Video makers Helter Skelter Studios & Web Design & Marketing Agency Helter Skelter Digital. He is the holder of degrees in both Photography and Computing and his career includes a decade in the music industry as a promoter, video maker and DJ, five years teaching multimedia computing and web design at the University of North London and ten years as an IT Consultant at IBM working in the Media sector before leaving in 2014 to focus on photography.

Chris is now based in Conchar, a small village in spectacular surrounds near Granada, Andalucia.

“I believe that in life, you have to leave your comfort zone.. If you don’t you’ll never learn and never surprise yourself because it’s only outside that magic happens”

Chris Wright Photography
Natural Arches, Santa Cruz

Photography is a Journey not a Destination

Everything comes back to Photography for me. I like to write about my experiences as I continue to explore new techniques, hardware, software and cameras. Partly to keep me grounded and partly because some of it may be useful to others.

You’ll find Black and White Photography, Infrared, Abstract and Colour, much of it shot in Spain where I now live and the best of the rest from a lifetime of travelling.

The pace of technical progress is so fast that what you couldn’t do yesterday, you can do today. There’s a difference between chasing your tail and staying abreast of progress.

The Tools You Need For Creative Photography

Ok, this bit should probably be retitled the tools I need… truth is, you need a camera, a good imagination and the ability to work from concept to implementation calmly and patiently.

I am a technology fiend. I use Canon cameras mostly, DJI Drones and GoPros for my videos. Other bits and pieces.

Low Tide Brighton Canon G1X Manual mode
Low Tide Brighton Canon G1X Manual mode

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