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New Photography Training for 2023

Happy New Year everyone!

I love the New Year because it’s a time for new beginnings, an opportunity to reset for the New Year and assess what’s worked (photography training) and perhaps more importantly, what hasn’t worked so well in the previous twelve months!

Every year I go through my Notes and I’m amazed and appalled by turn at how much work I do to make small steps forward. I’m not just talking about photography skills, but also business skills, it feels sometimes as though I’ve made every mistake in the book!

So I’m working towards a position where I can offer tangible value to photographers. It’s an occupation where everyone makes their own way and sometimes a helping hand can accelerate progress. I used to teach multimedia at London Metropolitan University so I’m hoping that I can bring those skills to bear on helping photographers at all levels develop their own skills and reflect on their approach to image making.

Last year I introduced the Ultimate Guide Series which has been consistently popular, this year I’m adding more photography training in the shape of a virtual course aimed at photographers at the beginning of their journey and 1-2-1 Zoom sessions aimed at improving photographers who would like to discuss their work with a professional.

Photography Training

For the last few months, I’ve been working on some new photography training services for 2023 that will be launched this January.

Introduction to Landscape Photography

This is a course aiming to inspire new photographers and maybe offer a few things to intermediate level photographers too.

The course will be Free to all readers of this blog. A coupon code will be posted here shortly.

Content will include –

  • What kit do you need – Tripod, Camera, Lens
  • What Software do you need?
  • The triumvirate of settings
    • Aperture
    • ISO
    • Shutter Speed
  • Composition
  • Metering
  • Camera Modes
  • Focusing & Backfocus
  • Camera Settings
  • Sharpness
  • Processing with Lightroom/ACR – White Balance, Contrast, 
  • Processing with DxO PhotoLab

The course will include projects to put all the information into practice and there will be an opportunity to have a one hour, 1-2-1 session with me at a discounted price to get feedback on the project work and discuss your ambitions and how you plan to realise them.

Photography Training with Chris Wright

1-2-1 Virtual Sessions

Feedback is one of the best and most constructive ways to get out of your comfort zone and learn.

If like me, you despair of the keyboard warriors infesting social media, these photography training sessions are private, constructive and customised to your specific needs. The sessions were initially built around virtual training sessions for Photoshop, Lightroom, DxO and Nik Collection but the feedback I have had suggests there are other topics that people would find helpful, so…

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • DxO PhotoLab
  • Nik Collection
  • Getting started as a Pro Photographer
  • Portfolio Review
  • Building a Photography Website

The idea here is that these will be “pick my brains” sessions – you tell me what you want to discuss and I’ll make sure you have a focused one hour session customised to your specific requirements.

That might be processing one of your pictures in the software of your choice, discussing different approaches to processing the same picture, discussing how you might improve the composition or all of the above.

All sessions will be done using Zoom, unless you happen to live in Granada in which case. you’re more than welcome to have a face to face session instead!

Face to Face Photography Tours

New Photography Training

I’m working towards offering Photography trips in Granada city and, in partnership with Spanish Highs, the hiking and mountaineering company based in the Sierra Nevada, photography trips to the mountains around Granada.

Mountain photography is new territory for me and physically quite challenging. These mountains are proper mountains, not the hills I’ve been used to climbing!

More to come on this, keep an eye out, or sign up for the newsletter and find out before anyone else!


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