At the beginning of December 2023 I relaunched my YouTube channel @chriswrightphotographs with the first video of a fourteen part Introduction to DxO PhotoLab 7. I do hate doing things by halves!

In 2024 my YouTube content will be expanded to include Videos on the Nik Collection, Shooting Landscape Photography, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Panoramas and Infrared Photography as well as my sometimes serious answers to the question we all ask ourselves at times – “Why in the world do we do this?”

Below is the most Recent video…

Videos and Playlists

The channel contains to date (31 May 2024), 36 videos with a collective viewing time of 3300 hours from 36,900 views and 951 subscribers.

The intention is to grow this to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours viewing by the end of June 2024

At that point, I’ll be looking for sponsors to underwrite the cost of making the videos. Each one of the DxO series takes a half day to record and edit. Location based videos will go into two days each. No wonder so many YouTubers simply stand in front of the camera and pontificate!

Let’s see how this goes…

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