Photography Guides

The Photography Guides are for photographers at all levels who want to experiment with different types of photography or different techniques.

A collection of photography resources in a series called Ultimate Guides.

These are much longer, more comprehensive posts than the regular reviews and opinion pieces and are absolutely free!

sharp landscape photographs
Ultimate Guide | Art of Photography

Ultimate Guide to Taking Sharp Landscape Photographs

This post takes us through the steps required to get perfectly sharp landscape photographs from front to back and side to side. I’ve been using various techniques, including focus stacking in Photoshop, increasingly in my landscape photography. Always with the same goal. To create an image that is sharp where I need it to be…

panoramic photography
Ultimate Guide | Technique

The Ultimate Guide to Panoramic Photography

Practising large scale panoramic photography is a step up from creating a panorama with an iPhone or even a 360° image with a GoPro Max, Insta360 or Ricoh Theta. We’re going to be looking at panoramic landscape photography in particular where the scene has left, right, top and bottom edges. Many of the principles will…

Adobe Lightroom Collections
Ultimate Guide | Technique

The Best Way to Use Adobe Lightroom Collections

In this post we’re taking a look at Adobe Lightroom Collections, how to create them, when to create them and where they sit in relation to the Catalog and keywords. Keywords or Collections? Adobe Lightroom offers a lot of choices when it comes to Catalog Management. Keywords, Keyword Sets, Collections, Collection Sets, Quick Collections, Smart…

Catalog Management with Lightroom Classic
Ultimate Guide | Craft of Photography | Technique

Catalog Management with Lightroom Classic

In this guide, we will be focusing on Catalog Management with Lightroom Classic. Adobe Lightroom Classic is the tool preferred by most professional photographers. Let’s take a closer look and figure out why that is. Adobe Lightroom Classic vs. Adobe Lightroom Adobe Lightroom Classic is the freestanding version of Lightroom that is still favoured by…

The Ultimate 360 Photography Guide
Ultimate Guide | Craft of Photography | Technique

The Ultimate 360 Photography Guide

360 Photography Guide I started to play with 360° Photography around five years ago when I created a project called Funky Frankwell to promote small businesses in the Frankwell district of Shrewsbury. To differentiate the project I created 360° images and in some cases virtual tours of each business so that viewers could take a…

infrared photography guide
Ultimate Guide | Craft of Photography | Technique

The Ultimate Infrared Photography Guide

The end to end Infrared Photography Guide demonstrates how to do infrared photography with DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. We’ll discuss camera conversion and technique as well as processing techniques using Lightroom, Photoshop and the Nik Collection. Infrared Light The light and colours that we can see, visible light, occurs on various wavelengths contained within a…

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