f-stop Tilopa 50L Camera bag

f-stop Tilopa 50L Camera Bag Review

Today, I’m going to be writing an f-stop Tilopa 50L Camera Bag Review.

I’ve been a photographer since the 1980’s, and during those forty odd years I bought a lot of camera bags. When I say a lot, I mean something in the region of fifty, including backpacks, shoulder bags, holster bags and so on. It occurred to me a couple of years ago, when this roomful of camera bags became a talking point, that what I needed was a system rather than another bag.

So I sold all of the bags and after much deliberation decided that the best use of that money would be to buy into the f-stop system. I bought three bags and three inserts although I only use one as a rule, swapping it between bags. The others hold my lenses when they are not being used on a shoot. I also bought a drone case and a holster bag to transport a 400mm lens.

I will be reviewing all of these items over the next few months.

The f-Stop Tilopa 50L Camera Bag

The Tilopa is my go to bag for any adventure that involves an overnight stay on the mountain or in the desert where I do most of my photography. It’s a very large bag indeed (50L Capacity).

It consists of several compartments, a small compartment in the lid of the bag in which I keep things that I need relatively fast access to – sunscreen, first aid, multitool etc.

There is a zipped compartment on the underside of the lid in which I keep spare batteries, cards and cleaning kit for the camera and lenses.

A compartment on the front of the bag for over jacket or rain jacket.

A pocket on the front side in which I put food.

Pockets on either side hold my tripod and tent poles.

The main body of the bag holds a Medium Slope ICU in which I keep my camera with lens attached and two other lenses.

The rest of the body contains my camping gear. The video below shows the unpacking of the bag and demonstrates just how much kit you can pack into it!


My f-stop System

f-stop were I think, the first company to think of camera bags as a system and they came up wit the idea of the ICU, a sealable unit that keeps the camera equipment protected. The idea is these ICUs can be swapped between bags, something I do regularly and this saves me from leaving anything behind, a problem that was the bane of my life prior to F-Stop. The bag is sold in various configurations, but as I was buying more than one bag, I put together my own system.

I bought the following units –

  • TILOPA 50L DuraDiamond® Travel and Adventure Camera Backpack
  • AJNA 37L DuraDiamond® Travel and Adventure Camera Backpack
  • Guru 25L Ultra-Light Travel and Sports Camera Backpack
  • f-stop ICU (Internal Camera Unit) – Pro Large Camera Bag Insert and Cube
  • f-stop ICU (Internal Camera Unit) – Slope Medium Camera Bag Insert and Cube
  • f-stop ICU (Internal Camera Unit) – Pro Small Camera Bag Insert and Cube
  • f-stop – Pack Rain Cover – 2 x Large, 1 x Small
  • 2 x Gatekeeper Attachment Straps – Expanded Gear and Equipment Carry
  • Welded Navin DuraDiamond® Pouch – Adjustable Camera Holster

In order to attach things to the bag you need to have the Gatekeeper Attachment Straps and the Rain Cover is an accessory too.

Purchasing f-stop Equipment

I am an f-stop affiliate so if you buy through the link here to the official f-stop store


You will pay the official price and I will get some recognition of the sale. That helps me to underwrite the cost of writing reviews and creating content for YouTube.

My Experience with f-stop bags

After two years of using these bags constantly, I’m happy that I made the right choice. They seem to be indestructible, are as light as can be expected and the company are quick to respond – I’ve never had to wait longer than a week for anything.

If you are EU based, like me, the bags ship from Holland which means no extra tax is levied.


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